January 20, 2013 in Gear Reviews

1973 Vibrolux Reverb vs Hot Rod Deluxe (Video)

My bass player loaned me his silverface Vibrolux Reverb today. All stock and no modifications that I know of. Same with the Hot Rod Deluxe, no mods, all stock. I wasn’t able to crank them in this video, but I did earlier today at rehearsal and they both screamed! Very nice break up and they get similar sounds, but different. I mean, you can tell that they’re both Fender amps. My Hot Rod has some rattle in there when cranked. Tubes or something – I’m going to have to find the source eventually. I love both of these little monsters. With volume set to 7 on both amps, The Hot Rod Deluxe was a little louder than the Vibrolux. Their breakup seemed to be about the same amount.

Half of me didn’t want to borrow the Vibrolux. I didn’t want to have a week long relationship and put my lovin’ on her, only to let her go in 7 days. Anyway… I want to own one of these Vibrolux’s in the near future. But honestly, I do still feel very good about my $350 Hot Rod Deluxe!

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