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2013 Fender Custom Shop Models

DSC_8439In 1987, Fender branched out to create the Fender Custom Shop in an attempt to take guitar craftsmanship to another level. The Fender Custom Shop produces special-order guitars for customers through its Custom Shop dealer network. They also create limited-edition guitars and amplifiers and serve as the “test kitchen” for new Fender products.

The Fender Custom Shop has its enormously talented master craftsmen busy at their Fullerton, California headquarters. This year, the so-called “Dream Factory” proudly releases its 2013 collection, a special set of guitars and basses that are exquisitely and meticulously crafted to embody exactly what the Custom Shop stands for, the very best that Fender has to offer. These models are “team built” by long-term employees of the CS and are sold to dealers for immediate sale. Unlike special order guitars from the CS these are generally available without the long wait.

The 2013 Custom Shop Models:

2013 Closet Classic Precision Bass Pro

The 2013 Closet Classic Precision Bass Pro is a beautiful mix of vintage styling and new customized features. It’s made to deliver maximum thump. It has a white pearled pickguard, dual volume controls, a master tone control, side-mounted output jack, C-shaped neck profile, medium-jumbo frets, vintage-style reverse tuners, and a new high-marble bridge design.

1951 Relic Precision Bass

Looking like a “relic” but with an undoubtedly modern twist, the Fender Custom Shop takes one of its most famous instruments up a notch with the 1951 Relic Precision Bass. It has custom-wound Seymour Duncan stacked Precision bass pickups for a great low-end thump. It also features gold hardware and a gold pick guard. For the first time, this model comes in three colors: Aged Lake Placid Blue, Melon Candy, and Candy Tangerine.

1959 Relic Esquire

The 1959 Esquire is a piece of Fender history, and this relic version will breathe new life into its legend. One of the most outstanding features here is the special “Eldred Esquire” wiring that puts a lighter load on the output and gives the instrument a wah-wah tone in the first position.

1972 Closet Classic Telecaster Custom

When this guitar was released in 1972, it was an upgraded Telecaster because it sported a humbucking neck pickup. This version has the same humbucker, which is voiced a little bit hotter. It also features the new Twisted Tele bridge pickup that provides excellent tonal balance and versatility. It includes two volume controls and two tone controls as well as the original three-bolt neck-joint design.

1952 Relic Telecaster

This is a take on one of Fender’s greatest guitar models with one of their most popular neck shapes. It also used the Fender Twisted Tele pickups. The 1952 Relic Telecaster has a flatter 9.5″ fingerboard, taller frets, three-way switching and Greasebucket tone controls. It comes in a gold package and is available in Aged Lake Placid Blue, Melon Candy, and Candy Tangerine.

2013 Custom Deluxe Telecaster Maple and 2013 Custom Deluxe Telecaster Rosewood

Echoing sophistication, the 2013 Custom Deluxe Telecaster Maple/Rosewood guitars are made for discerning players. They have premium features including a flame maple neck, a flatter fingerboard made out of maple or dark rosewood, 22 medium-jumbo frets, and Fender Twisted Tele pickups. These guitars stand out with their new “low-profile” Telecaster bridge with compensated brass saddles.

2013 Closet Classic Tele Pro Rosewood and 2013 Closet Classic Tele Pro Maple

Coming in Three Colored Sunburst, White, Blonde, or Black, these models come with Fender Twisted Tele pickups and Greasebucket tone circuits that roll off highs without reducing gain. They also come with a maple or dark rosewood fingerboard and feature a new hand-oiled neck finish that gives them an instantly broken-in feeling with incredibly smooth action.

2013 Closet Classic Strat Pro Rosewood

This Strat model features Fender Fat 50s pickups with five-way switching and modern wiring that allows the second tone control to affect the middle and bridge pickups. It also has a hand-oiled neck finish that gives it a fresh-from-the-store feel. This model is available in Three-Colored Sunburst, White, Blonde, or Black.

2013 Custom Deluxe Stratocaster Rosewood and 2013 Custom Deluxe Stratocaster Maple

These guitars have a sexy looking body made from hand-selected okume. They use a 3/16″ thick flame maple top and boast very comfortable contours. Their fingerboards come in maple or dark rosewood, with 22 medium-jumbo frets, Fender Fat 50s pickups, modern wiring, pearl-button chrome tuners, and a 1018 milled steel tremolo bridge.

1956 Relic Stratocaster

Despite looking like it was built in 1956, this Strat model features the optimum performance enabled by modern technology. Designed with the most requested neck shape, it also features a flatter fingerboard radius, taller frets, and one of Fender’s most requested wiring and tone-control circuits. This guitar is the People’s Choice Strat.

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