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Fender Mustang Amps V 2.0

Mustangv1-v2OK, so it’s been a couple of months since the ver. 2.0 Mustang Amps were released and it’s time we started doing some coverage of these revisions here. As a Mustang III owner, I personally, think this is one of the better low-cost Fender Amps. I mean, while we really love the tube goodness in the Super Champ SD we also find the upper level Mustangs extremely versatile to use at home, in practice, and at smaller gigs. So, what’s the ver. 2.0 Mustang got that the original model was missing?

Well, the most obvious changes, (see photos) besides newer (cheesier?) graphics, covering (v1 models had carbon fiber-looking vinyl and v2 models are tolex) and amp labeling, are 4 new amp models and 7 new effects models. The new amp models are: ’57 Twin Reverb, ’60’s Thrift (Silvertone), British Watts (HiWatt), British Color (Orange) and Stereo Preamp. The new effects (FX) models are: Big Fuzz, Black Box, Green Box, Intelligent Pitch Shifting, Orange Box, Ranger Boost and Wah. (Note that some of these effect require or work best with an optional expression pedal.)

Also new in the V 2.0 amps is a pair of XLR Stereo Outputs to connect to mixer consoles or A/D audio interfaces for recording. Which if you need XLRS is a big plus, but if you don’t… well?

Also there is the famous “Fizz” issue. It’s much talked about on Mustang version 1, that there is a fizz decay artifact on most of the early Mustang products. Firmware update have been rumored to correct this, but many say nothing has corrected the problem. But then it depends on your playing style and if you’re recording your music with a Mustang or playing in a band. There are lots of comments on the various forums that the V2 Mustangs not only get rid of the fizz once and for all but that ALL of the models sound better than the first version amps.

What we do know is the prices went up for the V2 Mustang amps. For instance the $299 Ver. 1 Mustang III is now $329.99. A 10% price increase isn’t terrible, but then it depends on if you think the changes between the two amps is worth an additional $30.

What do you think? Is the V2 worth the extra money? Is the Fizz finally fixed? Do you think it’s all bad because it doesn’t have tubes? Use the comments box to let us know what you think.

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