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Fender Mustang Floor

Mustang FloorTake the front end, amp models and effecs models from a Mustang Amp and put them into a floor unit with an expression pedal, LCD display and 9 foot switches and you’ve got the new Mustang Floor. With a $199.99 street price ($399.99 MSRP) this bundle of goodness suits a variety of needs. Only one of which is a multi-effects unit. The Mustang Floor is also a modeling preamp with low-impedance speaker-emulated outputs for running direct to a PA system, a modeling preamp with line-level outputs for use with a power amp and speakers, a silent practice system with stereo headphone output and auxiliary input perfect for playing along with an iPod or other media player, and perfect for direct-to-digital USB recording.

In a world of $200 to $400 stompboxes that do only one thing, this versatile unit does it all AND with high-quality amp/effect models that are not always found in multi-effect floor units.

The Mustang Floor’s featuress include nine footswitches and a solid aluminum treadle-style control pedal, Mustang III control panel and LCD window, 12 amp models, 37 effects, 100 onboard factory and user presets, “individual stompbox” mode in which amp models can be bypassed, headphone output and auxiliary input, dual XLR and dual 1/4″ line outputs with level control (outputs can be programmed for optimal response with PA system, power amp or guitar amp), chromatic tuner, and easy USB connectivity for audio output and interface with free Fender FUSE™ application.

Like all Mustang Amps, the Mustang Floor makes use of the Fender FUSE™ software. Included as a free download, FUSE offers on-screen parameter control, deep editing, “hidden” parameters, unlimited preset storage, easy firmware upgrades and additional free content from Fender, Fender artists and other users worldwide. Fuse is pretty interesting now, but here’s hopping it gets more capable and more intuitive in the near future, as well.

All in all the Mustang Floor looks like a slam dunk for a lot of different users. There is only one small question, do you pick up a Mustang floor for $200 OR do you spend an extra $130 and pick up a complete Mustang III amplifier with 100 watt amp and 12″ Celestion speaker. Sure you loose a lot of the versatility built into this thing with all the footswitches, etc but with the Mustang III you end up with a pretty good amp and all the same models and effects. Judged against the competition for Multi-Effect floor units at it’s $200 street price it looks like a pretty good deal. You’ll have to judge for yourself and see if this unit passes the gotta have it test.

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Fender Mustang Floor Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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