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Hell Freezes Over — Fender Selling Bodies and Necks

FenderStoreOld timers might remember the days when you could go into your local Guitar Center or Mom & Pop Fender dealer and see a few prefinished Tele and Strat bodies and a couple of necks in a display case for purchase. But when this ended around 2004 you got the notion that FMIC had learned a lot from that attempt and it wasn’t about to happen again.

Well, don’t look now but, Fender has just unveiled a large assortment of MIA and MIM Telecaster and Strat bodies and necks in all kinds of configurations. And, instead of doing it through the dealers they’re doing it via an Online Store within the Fender.com website.

Prices for MIA necks are around $499.99. While MIM necks are a more reasonable $199.99. Bodies range from $399.99 for MIA bodies to $169.99 for MIM bodies. And, it’s not just Teles and Strats they also have Precision and Jazz Bass bodies available, as well.

Will other Fender models appear? Will this new approach stem the tied of non-fender partscasters being made by “builders” everywhere? All this remains to be seen. But for now we’re happy to sit back and savor a new option for creating the guitar of your dreams without spending Custom Shop money.

Here’s the Link to the new online store: http://www.fender.com/necks-bodies

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