June 10, 2015 in Historic Fenders

Gilmour’s Strats Part 1 — #0001 White Stratocaster

tumblr_lha3he6LvS1qhzsyio1_1280The most frequently discussed guitar in Gilmour’s collection is the treasured 1954 white Stratocaster #0001, a guitar he acquired during a North American tour in 1975. The instrument is surrounded with speculation as to whether it’s authentically Fender Stratocaster #0001. Several respected guitar experts have taken a closer look at #1, and a mix of reports have indicated that the stamping of the neck and body are the same year (1954), but from different months (June and September specifically), while other reports declare that the instrument is completely original and attempt to dismiss the controversy.

The interesting history of the guitar itself goes something like this – the guitar was originally a gift from Leo Fender to Seymour Duncan, who later traded it to guitar technician Phil Taylor. Taylor later became David Gilmour’s close friend and touring guitar tech. Eventually the guitar was traded in a deal between Gilmour and Taylor, and has remained in his collection since 1975.

tumblr_lha3he6LvS1qhzsyio1_1280 davidsgear_0001

Notably, the guitar has been used on several classic Pink Floyd moments, including being used during the rhythm parts on ‘Another Brick in the Wall (Part Two),’ easily one of Pink Floyd’s most popular songs. The guitar was also used during the live performance of the Stratocaster’s 50th Anniversary Concert in 2004, when Gilmour used the guitar onstage at Wembley Arena, a fitting moment to feature the guitar in the hands of its talented owner.

Return next week to learn more in Part 2 -David Gilmour’s Black Stratocaster

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