May 9, 2013 in Blog

Fender Custom Shop Ltd Editions, May 2013

DSC_8439Fender Custom shop just released a few of the most ornately detailed instruments its ever produced.  We’ll take a look at the Limited Jazzmaster Pro, Limited Custom Deluxe Jazzmaster, Limited La Cabronita “Luchador” Stratocaster, Limited La Cabronita “Gato Gordo” Jaguar and the Limited Relic 1955 Precision Bass.  Each Custom Shop instrument comes with its own certificate of authenticity, limited case, picks, polishing cloth, strap and a cable.

First up is the Limited Jazzmaster Pro.  It sits in the Pro Collection of the Fender Custom Shop.  It takes the best of both worlds both old and new and combines itself into a lean mean fighting machine.  It stays lean with a single … Continue Reading