July 16, 2013 in Gear Reviews

2013 Fender Custom Shop Models

DSC_8439In 1987, Fender branched out to create the Fender Custom Shop in an attempt to take guitar craftsmanship to another level. The Fender Custom Shop produces special-order guitars for customers through its Custom Shop dealer network. They also create limited-edition guitars and amplifiers and serve as the “test kitchen” for new Fender products.

The Fender Custom Shop has its enormously talented master craftsmen busy at their Fullerton, California headquarters. This year, the so-called “Dream Factory” proudly releases its 2013 collection, a special set of guitars and basses that are exquisitely and meticulously crafted to embody exactly what the Custom Shop stands for, the very best that Fender has to offer. These models … Continue Reading

May 10, 2013 in Blog

Fender CS Employee Abigail Ybarras Retires, New Apprentice, Los Lobos Performs

Abigail YbarraWhat does the name Abigail Ybarras have in common with guitar giants such as; Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Buddy Holly, Eric Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughan?  They all earned their living with a Fender guitar not too far from their side.

Abigail worked at Fender since since 1956 and in 1958 started her legendary job of handwinding Fender pickups.  Next time you pop off the pickguard of your Stratocaster look for the initials AY as builders often initialed the necks, bodies and pickups of Fenders.  After over 50 years of making pickups Abigail Ybarras retired and passed the torch to her apprentice Josefina Campos.  Campos has been working with … Continue Reading